Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Reinhard Pamminger

Managing director, test centre manager, certified expert

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Resselstraße 5
2120 Wolkersdorf

Phone: +43 (0)2245/20920
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Commercial Management

Contact person departments

Ing. Kerstin Langer

Building products; repair, waterproofing

Dipl.-Ing. Sonia Sünder

Building inspection, masonry and historic facades

Dipl.-Ing. Mario Löffler

Concrete & Building Products; Structural Testing

Dipl.-Ing. Dariusz Kaczmarski

Geotechnics, aggregates and recycling, Pollutant and contaminant detection, Masonry and historic facades

Thomas Rozbaud

Concrete & Construction Products, Aggregates

Jakob Richter, MSc

Asphalt, Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsions

Daniel Wessely, MSC

Geotechnical engineering, aggregates and recycling

Sebastian Fembek

Asphalt, Bitumen and Bitumen Emulsions

Commercial Management

Monika Yaman-Prachtel

Secretariat, Bookkeeping, Accounting

Beate Weiser

Secretariat, Bookkeeping, Accounting


Bernhard Feigl

Laboratory Manager

Andreas Dechet

Deputy Head of Laboratory